psignal, sys_siglist - system signal messages

void psignal(sig, s)
unsigned int sig;
const char *s;

char *sys_siglist[];

Psignal produces a short message on the standard error file
describing the indicated signal. First the argument string s is
printed, then a colon, then the name of the signal and a new-line.
Most usefully, the argument string is the name of the program which
incurred the signal. The signal number should be from among those
found in <signal.h>.

To simplify variant formatting of signal names, the vector of
message strings sys_siglist is provided; the signal number can be
used as an index in this table to get the signal name without the
newline. The define NSIG defined in <signal.h> is the number of
messages provided for in the table; it should be checked because
new signals may be added to the system before they are added to the

sigvec(2), perror(3)