structures - structures & unions defined in common include files

The #include files found in the /usr/include hierarchy define
numerous structures and unions. The following table presents an
index of structures and unions and the files in which they are
defined, relative to /usr/include. A simple declaration is shown
struct name {}; file
union name {}; file
A declaration plus typedef(s) are indicated by:
typedef struct [ name ] {} synonyms, ... ; file
typedef union [ name ] {} synonyms, ... ; file

typedef struct ABusRecord{} ABusRecord, *abRecPtr;
struct accepted_reply{}; rpc/rpc_msg.h
struct access{}; access.h
struct account{}; acc.h
struct acct{}; sys/acct.h
typedef struct {} AddAPPLPkt, *AAPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} AddCommentPkt, *ACPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} AddIconPkt, *AIPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} AddrBlock; netat/appletalk.h
struct afhash{}; net/af.h
struct afswitch{}; net/af.h
struct ar_hdr{}; ar.h
struct arpcom{}; netinet/if_ether.h
struct arphdr{}; net/if_arp.h
struct arpreq{}; net/if_arp.h
struct arptab{}; netinet/if_ether.h
struct at_addr{}; macnet/at.h
typedef struct at_ddpwrite{} DDPWRITE; macnet/ddp.h
typedef struct at_hdr{} AT_HDR; macnet/ddp.h
typedef struct {} ATP; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct atpProto{} atpProto; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct at_wrds{} AT_WRDS; macnet/ddp.h
typedef struct {} AUTH; rpc/auth.h
struct auth_ops{}; rpc/auth.h
struct authunix_parms{}; rpc/auth_unix.h
struct bdevsw{}; sys/conf.h
typedef struct {} BDS; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct {} BDSType; netat/appletalk.h
struct bt_bad{}; sys/dkbad.h
struct buf{}; sys/buf.h
struct bufhd{}; sys/buf.h
typedef struct {} ByteRangeLockPkt, *BRLPPtr;netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} ByteRangeLockReplyPkt, *BRLRPPtr;
struct call_body{}; rpc/rpc_msg.h
struct callout{}; sys/callout.h
struct cap_version{}; netat/appletalk.h
struct cblock{}; sys/clist.h
struct cdevsw{}; sys/conf.h
struct cg{}; sys/fs.mach.h
typedef struct {} ChgPasswdPkt, *CPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} ChgPasswdReplyPkt, *CPRPtr;netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} CIENTRY; ci.h
typedef struct {} CLIENT; rpc/clnt.h
struct clist{}; sys/tty.h
struct clnt_ops{}; rpc/clnt.h
typedef struct {} CloseDirPkt, *CDPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} CloseDTPkt, *CDTPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} CloseForkPkt, *CFkPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} CloseVolPkt, *CVPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
struct cmsghdr{}; sys/socket.h
typedef struct {} complex; math.h
typedef struct condition{} *condition_t; cthreads.h
typedef struct {} CopyFilePkt, *CpFPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} CreateDirPkt, *CRDPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} CreateFilePkt, *CFPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
struct cstate{}; net/slcompress.h
struct csum{}; sys/fs.mach.h
typedef struct cthread{} *cthread_t; cthreads.h
typedef struct cthread_queue{} *cthread_queue_t;
typedef struct cthread_queue_item{} *cthread_queue_item_t;
typedef struct {} CTL_MSG; protocols/talkd.h
typedef struct {} CTL_RESPONSE; protocols/talkd.h
typedef struct {} datum; ndbm.h
typedef struct {} DBM; ndbm.h
typedef union {} DBUG; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct {} DDP; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct ddpProto{} ddpProto; netat/appletalk.h
struct ddpstat{}; macnet/ddp.h
typedef struct {} death_pill_t; mach/mig_errors.h
typedef struct decform{} decform; SANE.h
typedef struct decimal{} decimal; SANE.h
typedef struct {} DeletePkt, *DPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
union des_block{}; rpc/auth.h
typedef struct DInfo{} DInfo; machine/mac_files.h
struct dinode{}; ufs/dinode.h
typedef struct _dirdesc{} DIR; dirent.h
struct direct{}; sys/dir.h
struct dirent{}; dirent.h
typedef struct {} dirFinderInfo; netat/macfile.h
typedef struct {} DirParm; netat/afp.h
typedef struct diskdev{} DISKDEV; sys/diskdev.h
struct disklabel{}; sys/disklabel.h
struct disktab{}; disktab.h
struct dispatch{}; vfont.h
typedef struct {} div_t; stdlib.h
struct dkbad{}; sys/dkbad.h
struct domain{}; sys/domain.h
struct dqblk{}; sys/quota.h
struct dquot{}; sys/quota.h
typedef struct DXInfo{} DXInfo; machine/mac_files.h
struct endevp{}; sys/enet.h
struct enfilter{}; sys/enet.h
struct eniocb{}; sys/enet.h
typedef struct {} EntityName; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct {} EnumeratePkt, *EPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} EnumerateReplyPkt, *ERPPtr;netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} EnuReplyParms; netat/afpcmd.h
struct ether_arp{}; netinet/if_ether.h
struct ether_header{}; netinet/if_ether.h
struct exception{}; math.h
struct exec{}; sys/exec.h
typedef struct fblk{} *FBLKP; sys/filsys.h
typedef struct fd_set{} fd_set; sys/types.h
struct feiocbuf{}; sys/fe.h
struct fes11{}; sys/fe.h
struct fespbuf{}; sys/fe.h
struct fet{}; sys/fe.h
struct fetab{}; sys/fe.h
typedef struct fhandle{} fhandle_t; sys/mount.h
struct fid{}; sys/mount.h
typedef struct __sFILE{} FILE; stdio.h
struct file{}; sys/file.h
typedef struct {} FileDirParm, *FDParmPtr; netat/afp.h
typedef struct {} fileFinderInfo; netat/macfile.h
typedef struct {} FileInfo; netat/macfile.h
struct fileops{}; sys/file.h
typedef struct {} FileParm; netat/afp.h
struct filsys{}; sys/filsys.h
typedef union {} FinderInfo; netat/macfile.h
typedef struct FInfo{} FInfo; machine/mac_files.h
typedef struct {} FlushForkPkt, *FFkPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} FlushPkt, *FPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
struct format_op{}; sys/disklabel.h
struct fpsdevice{}; sys/fpsreg.h
struct fps_iopb{}; sys/fpsreg.h
struct fpsQent{}; sys/fpsreg.h
struct fps_softc{}; sys/fpsreg.h
struct fpte{}; machine/pte.h
struct fs{}; sys/fs.mach.h
typedef struct fs{} FILESYS; sys/fs.h
struct fsparam{}; sys/ioctl.h
struct fstab{}; fstab.h
typedef struct FXInfo{} FXInfo; machine/mac_files.h
typedef struct {} GetAPPLPkt, *GAPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetAPPLReplyPkt, *GARPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetCommentPkt, *GCPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetCommentReplyPkt, *GCRPPtr;
typedef struct {} GetFileDirParmsPkt, *GFDPPPtr;
typedef struct {} GetFileDirParmsReplyPkt, *GFDPRPPtr;
typedef struct {} GetForkParmsPkt, *GFkPPPtr;netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetForkParmsReplyPkt, *GFkPRPPtr;
typedef struct {} GetIconInfoPkt, *GIIPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetIconInfoReplyPkt, *GIIRPPtr;
typedef struct {} GetIconPkt, *GIPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetSrvrInfoPkt, *GSIPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetSrvrInfoReplyPkt, *GSIRPPtr;
typedef struct {} GetSrvrParmsPkt, *GSPPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetSrvrParmsReplyPkt, *GSPRPPtr;
typedef struct {} GetUserInfoPkt, *GUIPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetUserInfoReplyPkt, *GUIRPtr;
typedef struct {} GetVolParmsPkt, *GVPPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} GetVolParmsReplyPkt, *GVPRPPtr;
typedef struct gfd_set{} gfd_set; netat/compat.h
struct group{}; grp.h
struct gtcopos{}; sys/tablet.h
struct half{}; mp.h
typedef struct {} HEADER; arpa/nameser.h
struct header{}; vfont.h
struct hostent{}; netdb.h
struct HostEntry{}; ttyloc.h
struct hpte{}; machine/pte.h
struct icmp{}; netinet/ip_icmp.h
struct icmpstat{}; netinet/icmp_var.h
struct id_ip{}; netinet/ip_icmp.h
struct id_ts{}; netinet/ip_icmp.h
struct identity{}; sys/user.h
struct ifaddr{}; net/if.h
struct ifaliasreq{}; net/if.h
struct ifconf{}; net/if.h
struct ifnet{}; net/if.h
struct ifqueue{}; net/if.h
struct ifreq{}; net/if.h
struct ih_idseq{}; netinet/ip_icmp.h
struct im_arg{}; sys/vicermt.h
struct in_addr{}; netinet/in.h
typedef union {} inadword; netat/appletalk.h
struct in_aliasreq{}; netinet/in_var.h
struct in_ifaddr{}; netinet/in_var.h
struct inode{}; sys/inode.h
struct inpcb{}; netinet/in_pcb.h
struct intercept_message{}; sys/vicermt.h
struct iovec{}; sys/uio.h
struct ip{}; netinet/ip.h
struct ipasfrag{}; netinet/ip_var.h
typedef struct ipc_bucket_info{} ipc_bucket_info_t,
typedef struct ipc_statistics{} ipc_statistics_t;
struct ipoption{}; netinet/ip_var.h
struct ip_opts{}; netinet/in.h
struct ipovly{}; netinet/ip_var.h
struct ipq{}; netinet/ip_var.h
struct ipstat{}; netinet/ip_var.h
struct ip_timestamp{}; netinet/ip.h
union ipt_timestamp{}; netinet/ip.h
struct itimerval{}; sys/time.h
struct jerqmesg{}; sys/jioctl.h
struct kinfo_lock{}; sys/kinfo.h
struct kmembuckets{}; sys/malloc.h
struct kmemstats{}; sys/malloc.h
struct kmemusage{}; sys/malloc.h
typedef struct label_t{} label_t; machine/machtypes.h
typedef struct {} LAP, LAPAdrBlock; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct lapProto{} lapProto; netat/appletalk.h
struct lastlog{}; lastlog.h
typedef struct {} ldiv_t; stdlib.h
struct linesw{}; sys/conf.h
struct linger{}; sys/socket.h
struct llc{}; net/if_llc.h
struct Lockform{}; sys/ild.h
struct Lockreq{}; sys/ild.h
typedef struct {} LoginContPkt, *LCPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} LoginPkt, *LPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} LoginReplyPkt, *LRPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} LogoutPkt, *LOPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
struct ltchars{}; sys/ioctl.h
struct mac_fndr_stats{}; sys/mac_stat.h
typedef struct machine_info{} machine_info_data_t, *machine_info_t;
typedef struct machine_slot{} machine_slot_data_t, *machine_slot_t;
struct mac_saved_state{}; mach/machine/thread_status.h
struct mac_stat{}; sys/mac_stat.h
struct mac_thread_state{}; mach/machine/thread_status.h
struct map{}; sys/map.h
struct mapent{}; sys/map.h
typedef struct {} MapIDPkt, *MIPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} MapIDReplyPkt, *MIRPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} MapNamePkt, *MNPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} MapNameReplyPkt, *MNRPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} MBPACKET; netat/appletalk.h
struct mbstat{}; sys/mbuf.h
struct mbuf{}; sys/mbuf.h
typedef struct mcl{} MCL; sys/mbuf.h
union mcluster{}; sys/mbuf.h
struct m_ext{}; sys/mbuf.h
struct mfs_args{}; sys/mount.h
struct mfsnode{}; ufs/mfsnode.h
struct m_hdr{}; sys/mbuf.h
typedef struct mig_symtab{} mig_symtab_t; mach/mig_errors.h
struct mntent{}; mntent.h
struct mount{}; sys/mount.h
typedef struct {} MovePkt, *MPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
struct msgbuf{}; sys/msgbuf.h
struct msghdr{}; sys/socket.h
typedef struct {} msg_header_t; mach/message.h
typedef struct {} msg_type_long_t; mach/message.h
typedef struct {} msg_type_t; mach/message.h
struct mtget{}; sys/mtio.h
struct mtop{}; sys/mtio.h
typedef struct mutex{} *mutex_t; cthreads.h
struct namecache{}; sys/namei.h
struct nameicache{}; sys/user.h
struct nameidata{}; sys/namei.h
typedef struct {} NBP; netat/abnbp.h
typedef struct {} NBPpkt; netat/abnbp.h
typedef struct nbpProto{} nbpProto; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct {} NBPTEntry; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct {} NBPTuple; netat/abnbp.h
struct nchstats{}; sys/namei.h
struct ndirinfo{}; sys/namei.h
struct netent{}; netdb.h
struct netinfo{}; protocols/routed.h
typedef struct {} network_port_t; mach/netport.h
struct nfs_args{}; sys/mount.h
struct nfsmount{}; nfs/nfsmount.h
struct nfsnode{}; nfs/nfsnode.h
struct nfsreq{}; nfs/nfs.h
struct nfsrvcache{}; nfs/nfsrvcache.h
struct nfsstats{}; nfs/nfs.h
struct nfsv2_fattr{}; nfs/nfsv2.h
typedef union nfsv2fh{} nfsv2fh_t; sys/mount.h
struct nfsv2_sattr{}; nfs/nfsv2.h
struct nfsv2_statfs{}; nfs/nfsv2.h
struct nfsv2_time{}; nfs/nfsv2.h
struct nlist{}; a.out.h
struct nlist{}; nlist.h
typedef struct {} notification_t; mach/notify.h
typedef struct {} np_uid_t; mach/netport.h
struct ns_addr{}; netns/ns.h
union ns_host{}; netns/ns.h
struct ns_ifaddr{}; netns/ns_if.h
struct nsip_req{}; netns/ns_if.h
union ns_net{}; netns/ns.h
union ns_net_u{}; netns/ns.h
typedef struct {} OldFileInfo; netat/macfile.h
struct omsghdr{}; sys/socket.h
struct opaque_auth{}; rpc/auth.h
typedef struct {} OpenDirPkt, *ODPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} OpenDTPkt, *ODTPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} OpenDTReplyPkt, *ODTRPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} OpenForkPkt, *OFkPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} OpenForkReplyPkt, *OFkRPPtr;
typedef struct {} OpenVolPkt, *OVPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} OpenVolReplyPkt, *OVRPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} OPTRType; netat/afpcmd.h
struct ortentry{}; net/route.h
struct osockaddr{}; sys/socket.h
struct outmp{}; protocols/rwhod.h
typedef struct {} PackEntry; netat/afpcmd.h
struct padded_stat{}; sys/stat.h
typedef struct {} PAPStatusRec; netat/appletalk.h
struct partinfo{}; sys/disklabel.h
struct partition{}; disktab.h
struct partition{}; sys/disklabel.h
struct passwd{}; pwd.h
typedef struct pcb{} PCB; machine/pcb.h
typedef struct pcbext{} PCBEXT; machine/pcb.h
struct phdr{}; sys/gprof.h
typedef struct _physadr{} *physadr; machine/machtypes.h
struct pkthdr{}; sys/mbuf.h
struct pmap{}; nfs/pmap_prot.h
struct pmap{}; rpc/pmap_prot.h
typedef struct pmap{} *pmap_t; vm/pmap.h
struct pmaplist{}; nfs/pmap_prot.h
struct pmaplist{}; rpc/pmap_prot.h
typedef struct pmap_statistics{} *pmap_statistics_t;
typedef struct Point{} Point; machine/mac_types.h
struct polpos{}; sys/tablet.h
struct proc{}; sys/proc.h
struct prochd{}; sys/proc.h
struct procsegs{}; sys/procsegs.h
struct protoent{}; netdb.h
struct protosw{}; sys/protosw.h
struct pte{}; machine/pte.h
typedef struct pt_entry{} pt_entry_t; vm/pmap.h
struct ptyctrl{}; sys/cmupty.h
struct ptymsg{}; sys/cmupty.h
struct ptyreply{}; sys/cmupty.h
typedef struct qelem{} *QElemPtr, **QHead; netat/abqueue.h
typedef struct _quad{} quad; sys/types.h
struct radix_mask{}; net/radix.h
struct radix_node{}; net/radix.h
struct radix_node_head{}; net/radix.h
struct ranlib{}; ranlib.h
struct rawarc{}; sys/gprof.h
struct rawcb{}; net/raw_cb.h
typedef struct rawdev macdev/rawdev.h
struct raw_inpcb{}; netinet/in_pcb.h
typedef struct {} ReadPkt, *ReadPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} ReadReplyPkt, *RRPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct Rect{} Rect; machine/mac_types.h
typedef struct reg{} REG; machine/reg.h
typedef struct regexp{} regexp; regexp.h
struct rejected_reply{}; rpc/rpc_msg.h
struct relocation_info{}; a.out.h
struct remote{}; sys/vicermt.h
typedef struct {} RemoveAPPLPkt, *RAPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} RemoveCommentPkt, *RCPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} RenamePkt, *RPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
struct reply_body{}; rpc/rpc_msg.h
typedef struct {} RetransType; netat/appletalk.h
struct rip{}; protocols/routed.h
struct rlimit{}; sys/resource.h
struct rmtWd{}; sys/user.h
struct route{}; net/route.h
struct route_cb{}; net/route.h
struct rpc_createerr{}; rpc/clnt.h
struct rpcent{}; netdb.h
struct rpc_err{}; rpc/clnt.h
struct rpc_msg{}; rpc/rpc_msg.h
struct rrec{}; arpa/nameser.h
struct rtentry{}; net/route.h
struct rt_metrics{}; net/route.h
typedef struct {} RTMP; netat/appletalk.h
typedef struct {} RTMPtuple; netat/appletalk.h
struct rt_msghdr{}; net/route.h
struct rtstat{}; net/route.h
struct rusage{}; sys/resource.h
struct rusage_dev{}; sys/resource.h
struct __sbuf{}; stdio.h
struct servent{}; netdb.h
typedef struct {} SetDirParmsPkt, *SDPPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} SetFileDirParmsPkt, *SFDPPPtr;
typedef struct {} SetFileParmsPkt, *SFPPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} SetForkParmsPkt, *SFkPPPtr;netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} SetVolParmsPkt, *SVPPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
struct sgttyb{}; sys/ioctl.h
typedef struct sgttyb ptioctlbuf_t; sys/cmupty.h
typedef struct sgttyb SGTTY; curses.h
typedef struct {} ShortDDP; netat/appletalk.h
struct short_hand_verf{}; rpc/auth_unix.h
struct sigcontext{}; signal.h
struct sigstack{}; signal.h
struct sigvec{}; signal.h
struct slcompress{}; net/slcompress.h
struct sl_softc{}; net/if_slvar.h
struct sockaddr{}; sys/socket.h
struct sockaddr_at{}; macnet/at.h
struct sockaddr_dl{}; net/if_dl.h
struct sockaddr_in{}; netinet/in.h
struct sockaddr_ns{}; netns/ns.h
struct sockaddr_un{}; sys/un.h
struct sockbuf{}; sys/socketvar.h
struct socket{}; sys/socketvar.h
struct sockproto{}; sys/socket.h
struct specinfo{}; sys/specdev.h
struct s_spcl{}; protocols/dumprestore.h
struct stat{}; sys/stat.h
struct state{}; resolv.h
struct statfs{}; sys/mount.h
typedef struct {} Str32; netat/appletalk.h
struct svc_req{}; rpc/svc.h
typedef struct {} SVCXPRT; rpc/svc.h
struct swsize{}; sys/ioctl.h
struct sysent{}; sys/systm.h
typedef struct sys_startinfo{} SYS_STARTINFO;
typedef struct task_basic_info{} task_basic_info_data_t,
typedef struct task_events_info{} task_events_info_data_t,
struct tb{}; sys/tablet.h
struct tbl_fsparam{}; sys/table.h
struct tbl_loadavg{}; sys/table.h
struct tbl_procinfo{}; sys/table.h
struct tbmspos{}; sys/tablet.h
struct tchars{}; sys/ioctl.h
struct tcpcb{}; netinet/tcp_var.h
struct tcp_debug{}; netinet/tcp_debug.h
struct tcphdr{}; netinet/tcp.h
struct tcpiphdr{}; netinet/tcpip.h
struct tcpstat{}; netinet/tcp_var.h
struct TermEntry{}; ttyloc.h
struct text{}; sys/text.h
struct tftphdr{}; arpa/tftp.h
typedef struct thread_basic_info{} thread_basic_info_data_t,

struct timeb{}; sys/timeb.h
struct timeval{}; sys/time.h
typedef struct time_value{} time_value_t; mach/time_value.h
struct timezone{}; sys/time.h
struct tiocgcons{}; sys/ioctl.h
struct tm{}; sys/time.h
struct tms{}; sys/times.h
struct tostruct {}; sys/gprof.h
struct T_pmap{}; nfs/pmap_prot.h
struct tsp{}; protocols/timed.h
struct tsval{}; mach/time_stamp.h
struct tty{}; sys/tty.h
struct ttychars{}; sys/ttychars.h
struct ttyent{}; ttyent.h
struct ttyloc{}; sys/ttyloc.h
struct TTYPrelude{}; ttyloc.h
struct ttysize{}; sys/ioctl.h
struct tzhead{}; tzfile.h
struct ucred{}; sys/ucred.h
struct udphdr{}; netinet/udp.h
struct udpiphdr{}; netinet/udp_var.h
struct udpstat{}; netinet/udp_var.h
struct ufid{}; sys/inode.h
struct ufs_args{}; sys/mount.h
struct ufsmount{}; ufs/ufsmount.h
struct uio{}; sys/uio.h
struct unameicache{}; sys/user.h
struct unpcb{}; sys/unpcb.h
typedef struct uparam{} UPARAM; machine/reg.h
struct uprof{}; sys/user.h
typedef struct _uquad{} u_quad; sys/types.h
typedef struct ur_cthread{} *ur_cthread_t; cthreads.h
struct urmtWd{}; sys/user.h
struct user{}; sys/user.h
union u_spcl{}; protocols/dumprestore.h
typedef struct ustack{} USTACK; machine/reg.h
struct utask{}; sys/user.h
struct uthread{}; sys/user.h
struct utmp{}; utmp.h
struct uuprof{}; sys/user.h
struct vattr{}; sys/vnode.h
struct vfsops{}; sys/mount.h
struct ViceIoctl{}; sys/viceioctl.h
typedef struct vm_external{} *vm_external_t; vm/vm_external.h
typedef struct vm_map{} *vm_map_t; vm/vm_map.h
typedef struct vm_map_entry{} *vm_map_entry_t;
typedef union vm_map_object{} vm_map_object_t;
typedef struct {} vm_map_version_t; vm/vm_map.h
typedef struct vm_object{} *vm_object_t; vm/vm_object.h
typedef struct vm_page{} *vm_page_t; vm/vm_page.h
typedef struct vm_statistics{} vm_statistics_data_t, *vm_statistics_t;
struct vnode{}; sys/vnode.h
struct vnodeops{}; sys/vnode.h
typedef struct {} VolParm; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct _vs_box{} vsBox; sys/vsio.h
typedef struct _vs_cursor{} vsCursor; sys/vsio.h
typedef struct _vs_event{} vsEvent; sys/vsio.h
typedef struct _vsIoAddr{} vsIoAddr; sys/vsio.h
typedef struct _vsStats{} vsStats; sys/vsio.h
struct vtimes{}; sys/vtimes.h
union wait{}; sys/wait.h
struct whod{}; protocols/rwhod.h
struct whoent{}; protocols/rwhod.h
struct winsize{}; sys/ioctl.h
struct _win_st{}; curses.h
typedef struct {} WritePkt, *WPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} WriteReplyPkt, *WRPPtr; netat/afpcmd.h
typedef struct {} XDR; rpc/xdr.h
struct xdr_discrim{}; rpc/xdr.h
struct xdr_ops{}; rpc/xdr.h
struct xp_ops{}; rpc/svc.h
struct xstats{}; sys/text.h
typedef struct zipUserBytes{} zipUserBytes; netat/appletalk.h

/usr/include/* common include file hierarchy