stabsearch - best-match string table lookup

int stabsearch (string,table,quiet);
char *string,**table;
int quiet;

Stabsearch searches in the string table table, looking for a string
which best matches string. If exactly one such string is found,
then the index of that string is returned. If no such strings are
found, then -1 is returned.

If quiet is false and several strings match reasonably, the user is
given the option to approve or disapprove of the choice of matching
strings. If he disapproves, then the few best matches are listed
and -1 is returned.

If several strings match, then -2 will be returned. Before
returning, if quiet is 0, then the user will be asked if he wants a
list of matching strings; if he says "yes", then a list is printed.

The string table may be declared like this:

char *stable[] = {
"first string",
"second string",
"n-th string",

Note that the last entry of the table must be a zero.

stablk(3), srchscore(3)

If nothing matches at all, or if the user does not approve the
choice of the best matching string, -1 is returned.