task_self_ -the port to which a task sends its kernel requests
task_data_ -a port on which a task may receive messages
task_notify_ -the port on which a task receives notify messages from the kernel
name_server_port-the service port for the network name server
environment_port-the service port for the task’s environment manager
service_port -the service port for the service server
mach_init_ports-set of server ports initially handed to a task
mach_init_ports_count-number of mach_init_ports
vm_page_size -size of the virtual memory pages in bytes

#include <mach_init.h>

mach_init.h exports the standard system and server ports and global
variables to the user.

mach_init.c is called before the main program is entered to
initialize the exported values and to initialize any of the
standard server interfaces. The standard server interfaces are:
init_mach, init_msgn, init_netname and init_env_mgr. The service
server should only be called by other servers, so it is not
initialized here for the general user.

mach_init also initializes the value of vm_page_size which is the
virtual memory page size in bytes. Kernel requests dealing with
virtual memory are always rounded up to virtual pages. Occasionally
a user needs to know how big this is.


task_data_ and task_notify_ are the same port at this time. The
port is initially unrestricted. In the future they will be two
different ports and task_notify will be initially restricted. (i.e.
will not be included in the set of ports used by a receive with