time, ftime - get date and time

time_t time(0)

time_t time(tloc)
time_t *tloc;

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/timeb.h>
int ftime(tp)
struct timeb *tp;

These interfaces are obsoleted by gettimeofday(2).

Time returns the time since 00:00:00 GMT, Jan. 1, 1970, measured in

If tloc is nonnull, the return value is also stored in the place to
which tloc points.

The ftime entry fills in a structure pointed to by its argument, as
defined by <sys/timeb.h>:

* Structure returned by ftime system call
struct timeb
time_t time;
unsigned short millitm;
short timezone;
short dstflag;

The structure contains the time since the epoch in seconds, up to
1000 milliseconds of more-precise interval, the local time zone
(measured in minutes of time westward from Greenwich), and a flag
that, if nonzero, indicates that Daylight Saving time applies
locally during the appropriate part of the year.

date(1), gettimeofday(2), settimeofday(2), ctime(3)