xcol(1) MachTen Programmer’s Manual xcol(1)

xcol - change color-entries in textfiles

xcol [-options ...] [filename]

XCol displays the colors defined in the rgb.txt-file of
the XServer. The colors are sorted by their names and
their RGB-values and shown in a cube in the ColorView-
Window (The positions represent the RGB-values). Since
there usually are more colors defined in the file than
cells in the colormap, entries with the same name but dif-
ferent RGB-values for different intensities, are grouped

If a filename is given as a parameter, all occurrences of
color-names in that file are shown in an additional
TextView-Window. To change the colors, a text-line has to
be made active. Afterwards a new color can be selected in
the ColorView-Window. To get a better impression of the
color, a help-color (background) can be selected for each
text-line. If 2 lines define a foreground and a background
color, an association can be made and the colors of both
lines can be selected together.

in ColorView-Window

left: select color for the active line.
middle: select help-color for the active line.
right: warp pointer to color of active line.

in TextView-Window

left: select line as active line.
middle: toggle reverse-mode or
connect/disconnect 2 lines.
right: show line in the textfile.

-rv Color-positions are reversed in the cube. Some new
colors can become visible in the area of the very
bright colors.

-b<n> The size of color blocks is set to the constant
<n>. By default, it depends on the size of the

The maximum number of associated colors is set to
<n>. By default, this value is 11. (You can see
the effect when reaching the grey-field, where 101
associated entries are possibly available.)

The percentage of the intensity of other colors
can be set (default: 50). It is easier to select a
color, if the screen is darkened a little bit.

add characters to list of ’space’-chars. The
color-string in the textfile has to occur between
2 ’space’-chars to be recognized. By default,
these letters are ’ ’, ’’, ’0, ’:’, ’"’.

Names of colors in the file are only recognized
when used in a string (useful for C-Sources). This
means that the list of ’space’-chars is set to ’"’

-case All occurrences of color-names in wrong case are
replaced by the color-name of the ’rgb.txt’-file.

-help print some instructions (usage of buttons).

-file <name>
name of a different ’rgb.txt’-file.



Actually I wanted the program to work with the selection
mechanism used in xterm (when no textfile is given), but
it seems to be too complicated to use it here. So, the
current version always stores the string of the color in
CUT_BUFFER0. If anyone has an easy way to use the correct
selection mechanism, please inform me.

Copyright 1990, University of Kaiserslautern.

Author: Helmut Hoenig (hoenig@informatik.uni-kl.de)

Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this soft-
ware for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted,
provided that the above copyright notice appear in all

X Version 11 5 March 1990 2