APPRES(1) MachTen Programmer’s Manual APPRES(1)

appres - list X application resource database

appres [[class [instance]] [-1] [toolkitoptions]

The appres program prints the resources seen by an appli-
cation (or subhierarchy of an application) with the speci-
fied class and instance names. It can be used to deter-
mine which resources a particular program will load. For

% appres XTerm

will list the resources that any xterm program will load.
If no application class is specified, the class
-AppResTest- is used.

To match a particular instance name, specify an instance
name explicitly after the class name, or use the normal Xt
toolkit option. For example,

% appres XTerm myxterm
% appres XTerm -name myxterm

To list resources that match a subhierarchy of an applica-
tion, specify hierarchical class and instance names. The
number of class and instance components must be equal, and
the instance name should not be specified with a toolkit
option. For example,

% appres Xman.TopLevelShell.Form xman.topBox.form

will list the resources of widgets of xman topBox hierar-
chy. To list just the resources matching a specific level
in the hierarcy, use the -1 option. For example,

% appres XTerm.VT100 xterm.vt100 -1

will list the resources matching the xterm vt100 widget.

X(1), xrdb(1), listres(1)

Jim Fulton, MIT X Consortium

X Version 11 Release 6 1