Animate(1.3) MachTen Programmer’s Manual Animate(1.3)

Animate - the AfterStep Animate module

Animate is spawned by afterstep, so no command line invo-
cation will work. From within the .steprc file, Animate
is spawned as follows:

Module Animate

or from within an afterstep pop-up menu:

Popup "Module-Popup"
Title "Modules"
Module "Wharf" Wharf
Module "NoClutter" Clean
Module "Identify" Ident
Module "Banner" Banner
Module "Debug" Debug
Module "SaveDesktop" Save
Module "Pager" Pager 0 3
Module "Animate" Animate

The Animate module animates window actions. It currently
animates iconification and deiconification in a zoom style
or a twisty spinning style.

During initialization, Animate will eventually search a
configuration file which describes the time-outs and
actions to take. The configuration file is the same file
that afterstep used during initialization.

The invocation method was shown in the synopsis section

Animate reads the same .steprc file as fvwm reads when it
starts up, and looks for certain configuration options:

*AnimateColor color
Tells Animate what color to draw with.

*AnimateDelay msecs
Tells Animate how many milliseconds to sleep
between frames of animation.

*AnimateIterations iterations
Tells Animate how many steps to break the animation

*AnimateTwist twist
Tells Animate how many revolutions to twist the
iconification frame.

*AnimateWidth width
Tells Animate how wide a line to draw with. Note
that with 0 is a fast line at Width 1

*AnimateResize mode
Tells Animate what method to use to draw resizes.
zoom and twist are currently supported.

Alfredo Kengi Kojima <>

These people have contributed to Animate:

Kaj Groner <>
Twisty iconification, configuration file parsing,
man page.

MachTen December 1996 2